We identify client challenges

Development of integrated video system solutions for industrial and ITS applications can present certain challenges. These include migrating existing analog systems toward network-based solutions, integration of joystick and workstation mouse control, providing real-time PTZ control of high-speed cameras over Ethernet and managing disparate camera control protocols from multiple camera vendors.

The Roadway Vision Systems Formula

Based on years of video integration experience, Treehaven Technologies has identified several common and recurring problem areas relating to the integration of high-speed analog and IP PTZ cameras, network video and PTZ control transport equipment and camera site power supply, cabling and compression equipment. Treehaven's Roadway Vision Systems line of products target these problem areas with economical, time tested and flexible hardware and software solutions.

Comprehensive Framework Solution

The Treehaven Roadway Vision Systems suite of products and custom software development capability provides solutions to video integration challenges. Treehaven's collection of end-to-end network-based video management products affords a highly reliable hardware and software answer for new installations as well as a flexible platform for migrating and integrating existing analog video systems toward a network video solution.